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Media Literacy Videos

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For those of you at the University interested in some media literacy videos, we have 5 videos in our Films On Demand streaming service. To access them first go to their log-in page>>then enter x.500>and finally do a search for "media literacy".

**Please note, I am still in the process of previewing them. I will try to update the blog with the quality of the resource.

Thought provoking article on media literacy

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While conducting some research, I came across Kellner and Share's 2007 article "Critical media literacy is not an option." This thought provoking article does a fantastic job of highlighting and critiquing four approaches to teaching media literacy. The protectionist approach, media arts education approach, media literacy movement approach, and finally, critical media literacy. As social scientists, they advocate for the critical media literacy approach that combines the other three, but emphasizes a cultural studies component.

Kellner and Share argue that media literacy should be taught to understand the relationship between power and information, and that their approach, critical media literacy, "focuses on ideology critique and analyzing the politics of representation of crucial dimensions of gender, race, class, and sexuality; incorporating alternative media production and expanding textual analysis to include issues of social context, control, resistance, and pleasure." They continue to suggest that critical media literacy also "expands literacy to include information literacy, technical literacy, multimodal literacy, and other attempts to broaden print literacy concepts to include different tools and modes of communicating (62)."

Using Copyright In the Classroom


Back in November the Center for Social Media - which has provided many great resources on copyright in media - developed a guide for using media in the classroom. Here is a link to a Chronicles article and as well as the official report on "Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media-Literacy Education.".

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