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I was reading a Columbia Journalism Review article (referencing NY Times), about the new Google Labs Fast Flip web tool, and had to try it for myself. To run a trial, I typed in one of my favorite singers, Regina Spektor, and three articles immediately pop-up (two from, one from This thing is quick! The results were displayed in seconds, providing the text of the story and an image of the originating webpage, which can then be read with a link to the longer article. In my opinion, this is a more pleasurable way to consume media than through aggregators or RSS feeds. Perhaps even more exciting, as reported by the NY Times, these technologies, coupled with new efforts from Google to share revenue with print publishers, might assist print publishers to some degree. How much still remains to be seen. At any rate, I believe it will be interesting to see how these new forms of display interplay with advances in mobile technologies and the way we consume media.

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