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Ahead of Lorcan's discussion folks, I just can't get over this for video aggregation. Please check out, even if you have to quickly sign up. The personalized recommender integration with a choice of viewing recommendations based either on user reported preferences or peer views; the diverse, and yes, apparently legal content (my favorite is the course lectures in the "academic section"); the simple, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing interface.

If we could deliver like this also for you know, the stuff we actually pay a lot of money for (at least non-print media, but maybe print too), then I would be pretty happy. The only thing missing in addition, is the personal connection suggestions that we could add by knowing our clients - the traditional expertise of the librarian that I believe still holds great value (like the video request I had to look for content of a heart pumping blood).

I still have to play more to see that what I mentioned holds true throughout, but I am very much smitten by what I see thus far.

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