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Scott Spicer - Media Outreach and Learning Spaces Librarian - UMN Libraries (Coordinated Educational Services)


My name is Scott Spicer, and I am currently the head of Libraries Media Services. While my responsibilities vary, essentially I am responsible for: consulting with faculty with developing and students with creating media assignments; generally overseeing 2 media enhanced SMART Learning Commons (Wilson/Walter Libraries); working with library staff to promote and provide better access to media resources (i.e., film, video and audio); and researching and developing better library learning spaces.

My research interests include: learning space development and assessment, new delivery systems of media (e.g., streaming video), learning technologies (I am an M.A. student in Curriculum and Instruction - Learning Technologies), "new media" and social networking, critical media literacy, copyright/fair use in non-print media (a surprisingly dramatic, entertaining, subject), the future of paid content and mass media, discovery interfaces to better find media resources, and the interplay between new learning spaces, integrated [library-centralized unit] support services, and technologies that support new pedagogical paradigms that adapts to multiple learning styles (there I go again with the eduspeak!).

If you have any questions on any of the topics listed above (or just want a good chat) feel free to contact me spic0016@umn.edu or call (612)626-0629

Scott Spicer

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