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Audacity Tutorial


The Digital Teaching Workshop is underway. Yesterday's session focused on recording and editing audio, led by Hope Johnson. There was much to take away from that session, but here I'd like to highlight two things. First, Hope briefly explained an "effect-to-cause" model of production. "Effect-to-cause" is a goal-driven model that asks you to consider first what effects you want media to have on your audience, and then consider how you will achieve those effects. Second, I appreciated that Hope reinforced the slogan "Pre-production, pre-production, pre-production, production, post-production." While planning this workshop I met with many people on campus who provide media support, and they told me I couldn't emphasize this idea enough throughout the workshop.

After the session Susan Walker found a tutorial on how to record and edit with Audacity and asked me to share it with the group.

If you're in the workshop this week, please feel free to post comments about the audio session. What were one or two of the most important things you learned? What questions do you have at this point about best uses of audio?

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