October 16, 2008

Equipment check out policies..

We are trying to get a better sense of how our equipment is being used. Please include a feedback form with every equipment loan (in the case). These forms should be found near the monitor or in the 2nd metal cabinet at Walter or lower metal drawer in Wilson.

When equipment is returned, please make sure to take the feedback form out of the case and put it in the front green folder in Wilson, and in the paper holder (2nd metal cabinet) in Walter.

Also, I am seeing some equipment coming back with out all of its components. It is IMPERATIVE that all returned equipment be checked for each piece in the inventory list so that we can contact the patron to either return the missing item or bill them a replacement fee.


New Service Walter Room Booking

Hello Everyone,

Recently we implemented a new booking system for Walter SMART Commons. I am not going through all of the steps here, as it is easier to show in person, but the first person in the morning needs to make sure to check the draft cue, process any requests, and print out a schedule for the day for both the Media Viewing and Mobile classrooms.

I have trained most of you on the system, but there are still some who I need to go over this with. If you have not received training please notify me.


October 1, 2008

Test Prep Research

Meghan has been assigned the task of researching new test prep software, and determining if we should order more.

September 26, 2008

Unattended service points

Hello Everyone,

Being that there has been some understandable concern raised by library staff regarding SMART Commons desks unattended, particularly at Walter, we are instituting a new policy today. For student consultants, at the end of the shift before you leave the Commons site, you need to contact through IM and receive confirmation from at least one staff person in our department, CES. All of the staff names have been added to g-talk in both Walter and Wilson.
They can also be found at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/CES/StaffContacts.

* If it is after hours (Walter), please call me (612)940-2710, so I can contact circulation staff on duty.
* If it is during the day, and no one is on IM, please call me or Virginia first, then call the names on the CES staff contact list.
* If all else fails, and you are unable to get a hold of anyone, before you leave:
o In Walter, call Amy Lewis 5-4056 or the staff supervisor in circulation basement level.
o In Wilson, tell reference.

CES staff: If I or Virginia are not available and a student consultant contacts you, I am going to make up a cheat sheet of how to conduct three basic functions:
1) Checking out multimedia equipment
2) Where the hold shelf is for faculty videos (circulated in the Great Hall)
3) Where the lock box is and combination, and how to use and let someone into the Media Viewing room.

For inquiries related to all other functions including, media production support, classroom setup, PAL or one-on-one consulting, or media booking reservations, I have already outlined those responsibilities and their contact information on an hours sheet at the front desk and entry into the SMART Walter space.


PS: In Walter, you will also notice that we have added Science Engineering Reference to our g-talk. If you receive a reference question, or need to contact science engineering this is a great way to communicate with their service desk!

September 22, 2008

UCard and Gold Print Cards Update

Hello Everyone,

I spoke to the supervisor of East Bank ADCS computer labs this morning. Because they are open later then the library, and because the new print stations are only available in the library, they are still using the old print cash to card systems. This is the most likely reason we are getting people who come in with older gold cards, or they just filled up their UCard elsewhere, but the money does not show on the UCard.

If students fill up their card on the old system (in ADCS for example) it will not work because the money is saved to a different strip on their UCard. I was told that there is signage indicating as much next to the cash to card stations.

Also, if people purchase Gold Cards downstairs for $1, that only entitles them to the plastic, not any value ACTUALLY placed on the card. So if someone says they paid a dollar, you need to ask them to go back down and put value on the card.

At this point we need to be strict about having people fill up their cards with our machine. As always use strong judgement when providing a free print, but the first course of action should be to tell students to go to the Valuport stations (lowerlevel Wilson, 2nd floor Walter) and have them put additional funds on their card. In addition, students can get their values changed from the old system to the new system in the UCard office at Coffman.

September 15, 2008

Unravels Certificate Copies

Jamie Robertson has been assigned the task of copying certificates.

September 11, 2008

Transcript of LSAMP training

Angela Pennock has been assigned the task of transcripting the LSAMP video.

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Unravels UMCal check

Needs assignment

Media Promotional Poster

Assigned to Meghan Matteson

Topics that need addressing..

Just a list of topics needing updating policy:

Printing situation in Wilson: UCard valuport station, Gold cards (pre-August)
Macs not able to print color from a browser

Update on test prep.
Mac login info.
Reservation (R25) training

Beginning of the Year Announcements

Hello Everyone,

We now have everyone hired and scheduled, 16 students in total. Things are coming along well as the semester gets underway, and I have some announcements on procedures and training. Before I begin, I would like to thank all of you for making the transition into this school year relatively smooth!

New Blog to Support Communication
I have developed a new blog to post communications and keep track of policy/procedure/news, as we add new spaces and evolve as a service. The blog can be found at: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/spic0016/slcstaff/. This link will be added to the favorites toolbar on browsers at both Wilson and Walter SLC. Rather than lengthy emails, we will typically send out a notice with a link to the blog in the future.

Security Procedure Reminder
I would like to inform new hires, and remind returning students that whenever you respond to a serious situation or a patron reports a problem situation - whether it be an emergency, crime, or conflict - we need to fill out an incident report immediately, found at: http://staff.lib.umn.edu/security/icf.phtml

Also, if such a situation arises, please contact me immediately as well, so that I am aware of the situation. Please keep in mind that your safety is always paramount. If you are unsure what to do in an uncomfortable situation, and myself, Virginia, or our director, Jerilyn, are unavailable, please contact a library staff member on duty. We will go over more specifics at our upcoming SMART consultant meeting and multimedia training (TBA-check new blog for announcement).

Contact information for the aforementioned, student contact information, and coverage schedules can be found at: https://wiki.lib.umn.edu/CES/StaffContacts

Mandatory Orientation Session for student staff - September 19
All student consultants are required to attend an orientation session in the Upson room Walter Library (first floor, next to the 103 ADCS lab), next Friday (September 19) from 1:00-3:00 pm. If you have class at that time, please let me know as soon as possible. Food will be provided.

Customer Service Training
All student consultants (and supervisors) are required to attend a two hour customer service workshop. I will have more information on the date and time (again, please check blog).

Unravels Assistant "Rovers"
I am extremely proud to announce just one day after going live with the Unravels shift sign up wiki: https://wiki.umn.edu/view/UnravelsShift/ShiftSignUp, students have signed up for roughly 35% of the shifts. If you have not yet visited the site, please do so and sign up! We really appreciate it. Just a reminder, all students are required to complete all three Unravels sessions, and at least the level or workshop you sign up to support. If you have not already done so, please register for the workshops this semester: http://www.lib.umn.edu/registration/.


Welcome SMART Student Consultants

I would like to welcome all new and returning students to the SMART Commons. We have an exciting year ahead, especially with the opening of the new Walter SMART Learning Commons and Media Services! This space is where you will learn of policy changes, as well as a place to share news and issues.