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UCard and Gold Print Cards Update

Hello Everyone,

I spoke to the supervisor of East Bank ADCS computer labs this morning. Because they are open later then the library, and because the new print stations are only available in the library, they are still using the old print cash to card systems. This is the most likely reason we are getting people who come in with older gold cards, or they just filled up their UCard elsewhere, but the money does not show on the UCard.

If students fill up their card on the old system (in ADCS for example) it will not work because the money is saved to a different strip on their UCard. I was told that there is signage indicating as much next to the cash to card stations.

Also, if people purchase Gold Cards downstairs for $1, that only entitles them to the plastic, not any value ACTUALLY placed on the card. So if someone says they paid a dollar, you need to ask them to go back down and put value on the card.

At this point we need to be strict about having people fill up their cards with our machine. As always use strong judgement when providing a free print, but the first course of action should be to tell students to go to the Valuport stations (lowerlevel Wilson, 2nd floor Walter) and have them put additional funds on their card. In addition, students can get their values changed from the old system to the new system in the UCard office at Coffman.