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The students who applied for the Retail Marketing Analytics Program have all been scheduled for interviews sometime this week (10/25 - 10/28).

The Program's Faculty Advisers and I will interview each of the students who applied. We are planning to notify all successful applicants by 11/1 of their admittance into the program.

The initial recruitment period for participants in ReMAP will close tomorrow afternoon (10/14). It will be interesting to see how many applications we receive before the close.

There has been significant interest since Dan Fishback's presentation on 10/4 particularly from students who are majoring in mathematics or statistics and actuarial science. These students are interested in the program as a minor.

This morning Dan Fishback, President and CEO of DemandTec, Inc., spoke to over 300 students on campus as part of the Labovitz School of Business and Economics Distinguished Speakers Series.

Dan urged students to develop their quantitative skills as part of their undergraduate careers, irrespective of their degree or major. He stressed the growing need for graduates with these skills in the business world.

The presentation was very well received and increased awareness of the Retail Marketing Analytics program across majors and degrees.


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