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2011 ReMAP Students

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The sixteen ReMAP students have started meeting on Thursday evenings to learn more about the marketing analytics field and get a preview of the large data sets that will be used during the Marketing Analytic Courses. groupphoto.jpg
Allison Lutz, Leah Robideau, Andrea Johnson, Amy Goepfert, Brett Kittilstved, Donnie Mans, Calvin Griffin, James D'Amour, Jon Hammerstrom, and Kelsey Steiner (Back Row, Stairs L to R): Davis Ackmann, Megan Fusselman, Stephanie Anderson, Derick Carlson, Anna Geisler and Katelyn Korman.

Students Selected

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Following the interviews, sixteen students have been selected in the initial cohort for the Retail Marketing Analytics Program.

These sixteen students will gather for an initial meeting tonight (11/3). Pictures and brief Bios on the students will be posted to the ReMAP website and here in December.

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