May 11, 2005

I've decided that blogs are lame because no one actually cares about other people's lives to the extent that they need to know what they do every day. At least they shouldn't, anyway.
It's about time for me to have the best summer ever, bye!

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March 4, 2005

Hi, Friday.

Okay, so Blaine is kind of cool with his blog, but...after Lesley got one, I just had to have one! Probably because she's kind of a really big deal.
Nick, Blaine, Lesley, Andy, and I are going out to Mankato today, and I'm pretty thrilled to say the least. I love the U, but our weekends are always the same in the winter. Not that there's anything wrong with sitting around and drinking at the Melrose, but you know. I'm mostly excited to see my Beil Child!! It's been too long. I guess I'll be happy to see the 3 kegs, too... ;D
Macro midterm raped me a little today, but it wasn't quite as bad as anticipated. Just glad it's dunzo.
I had a little WHS experience this week...some of you know what I mean. How funny/fun! Heheh.
Oh. I'm turning my blog into a dating service, too. My first bachelorette is super hot. Watch out for her in one of my future entries. She's one of my future roommates - I am so lucky!

See you never! xxoo

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