HW #2 - Mind Maps and Humorous products


To get in a creative mood, I thought I'd watch one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. But it seems when you are trying to make yourself laugh, it is really hard... especially when you know the movie well. So I switched to something I haven't watched in awhile, Futurama, but again, the most I could muster was a few chuckles, even though I was enjoying the show. Part of it could be that I was trying to prepare myself to be creative and knew I had to do work right after watching. I had to then think a lot about what to do that could make me laugh honestly.

After perusing Youtube for a bit, (unsuccessfully and requiring a lot of work) and thinking about the different types of comedy, I decided to watch some episodes of Wipeout. True misfortune of others, but it did the trick. The surprise and hilarity of the ways people falter on the obstacle courses finally created some honest belly aching laughs.

When done with a couple of episodes, I was feeling rather creative, so I grabbed some caffine and went to work on the mind map. I struggled with this a bit in class because I let other peoples idea of a mind map get in the way of my original thoughts. Now on my own, it went a lot smoother for the first 3/4 of the mapping, until I started to get bogged down with things I couldn't find connections to sinks.

I then took a break and tried to do some Association of form thinking, and again, I seemed to struggle with this a bit, not wanting to let myself stray too far from the sink topic. When I flipped my sheet back over to the mind map, surprisingly, I began to see some connections and was able to quickly expand that last 1/4 of the map.

After finishing the mind map, I was still a few silly ideas short. - As a sidebar, it is actually kind of hard to think up silly ideas, but seemed much easier to find the "good" ideas in the mind map. - My next step was to try some product crosses. I wanted a way to randomly list products, which is again, hard to do without prior bias, so I went to the Google Patent home page, which displays a set of 5 random patents each time you refresh the page.

Starting out with the word "sink" I hit refresh and the products that populated included Zipper, Unicycle, and Contact Lens... which worked out well so I continued a few more times, starting with other sink area related words.

My final set of Silly Sink area Ideas is as follows, in no particular order:
1. Skunk smelling (and tasting?) toothpaste.
1.5. Sausage and syrup flavored toothpaste.
2. Vibrating ball brush toothbrush - for hands free brushing.
3. Kayak paddle sized Q-tips.
4. Guitar string musical floss - they say that certain notes are "happy" notes, so this would be a good way to start your day.
5. Coin separating sink drain / bank - make a wish in your own sink and cleans and sorts your change.
6. Randomly spraying faucet - like the fountains in city parks.
7. Hair collector wig maker.
8. Porcupine flosser.
9. A sink that puts on/takes off your pants.
10. Magnifying sink - so you can see your toes close-up without bending over.
11. Human-gas powered tooth brush.



I really liked your process. I agree it was incredibly hard hard to make myself laugh on demand.

Also, I had never heard of Google patent before - that is a great link for finding product pairs without biasing it.

Good documentation overall - your sketches and mind map look very thorough.

"6. Randomly spraying faucet - like the fountains in city parks." I would like this product.

I like your pictures - a scanned version would be nicer to look at (some of them are slightly blurry).
9. A sink that puts on/takes off your pants.
Coupling the water on with your pants down, and pants up at water off would make everyone shut the water off before leaving the area.
I haven't found any yet (maybe I'll whip one together), but an app that would automatically google random associations of words that you put into it would be really nice for this kind of idea generation (although seeing what other people have done would limit what you're capable of thinking of, unless you get can outside your box).

Good work - using Google Patent was a really good idea.

Google patent is huge news.
My fave is the coin separating sink, I love change buckets fiercely. I've got a kim chee jar that is almost full of quarters...
Magnifying sink is cool too.
A smaller scan of your mindmap might have been nice.

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