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Strikes Turn Violent in Guinea Capitol

Reuters reported Monday that strikes against Guinea's President Lansana Conte resulted in more than 20 deaths in the nation's capitol of Conakry . The demonstrations began two weeks ago, and the latest violence has left over 150 people wounded.

Since the article deals with events that have been ongoing, its lead focuses on highlighting the latest developments. The lead contains the most shocking new detail about the strikes, and also includes an explaination of what lead to the killings for people who may be unaware of what is going on.

An Associated Press article on the same story published two days ago by the International Herald Tribune treats the lead similarly. The most recent deaths at the time of publication are again the focal point, as they are the most notable consequence of the events. This reflects the negativity news value. The article goes on to say that "the strike began on January 10th as a result of Conte halting the trial of two men accused of stealing millions of euros from the state".

I feel the Reuters article is superior to the Associated Press article because it goes further in depth and outlines more issues that caused the strikes. It also identifies the two main labor groups involved, and gives a much better background of the events so far. The Associated Press article is too brief to give a full understanding of the circumstances, and would have benefitted from another paragraph talking about the key groups of protestors.