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Baseball Stadium Proposal Advances

On Tuesday a deal was proposed by Hennepin County commissioners that would allow the county to vote for land acquisition to be filled with a ballpark worth over $500 million, according to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. The deal is hinging on the the Burlington Northern Sante Fe railway, whose approval would allow the project to begin. The deal also depends on the Minnesota Twins baseball team putting forth money to help with the construction. The stadium design will be unveiled on Thursday, and everything seems poised to go off fine land deal permitting.

The article is at once speculative yet recounts the history of the project up to this point. It begins by talking about the most recent developments in the stadium project, segueing into a section talking about what has to happen in order for the park to become a reality. Key figures are quted directly, including commissioner Mike Opat and the president of the Twins. The latter half of the article focuses largely on what is left to come with the project, and specifically the land issue, which is a key concern at the moment.

The Star Tribune's coverage of the article contains more information in the lead related to where the funds will be coming from, and also emphasizes the speculative nature of the current state of things with the land-use issue. Different quotes are used, including quotes from different commissioners who oppose the project. Both sides of the polemic on the upcoming stadium are shown, which is important. Other than that the detail is presented in largely the same way, though it's more concentrated at the top and leads into opinions near the bottom.

I prefer the Star Tribune's treatment of the story for giving equal space to both sides of the argument. It also gets teh essential information to the reader faster, and in a way that for me was just as readable. The project will in all likelihood go on as planned, but representation of those opposed to it is a nice inclusion.