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Gonzales Scandal Continues to Escalate

An Associated Press article published at Forbes.com has reported on the current status of the Attorney General Gonzales scandal concening the firings of several prosecutors simultaneously. The article gives an update on the scandal after Gonzales testified on Thursday, revealing that his testimony caused several republican senators to call for him to quit. He continues to lose GOP support, but refuses to back down. He has asserted that he will stay and continue to serve. The article gives evidence that pretty much the only continued support for Gonzales is coming from Bush. As expected, there were fresh calls from democratic senators calling for the attorney general to step down. Primary support for Gonzales comes from the White House.

The article could almost be considered a type of speech coverage, it deals with the testimony given by Ginzales last Thursday and does actually describe that particular event at several points throughout its duration. It gives both details about what he said, and most importantly for the purposes of the article, the reactions of his contemporaries, both supproters and detractors. There's a lot of direct quotes and straight attribution from senators giving their opinions on the case. In between this certain statements connect the direct quotes and show their relevance, attempting to allow the article to flow a bit better and breathe a bit more. It doesn't feel like there's really a rigid structure and it's kind of all over the place, and there's certainly no chronology involved. The article does find a way to fit in the necessary details about the incident in between attributions, since it is an article follwing up on an important contemporary issue that has come ot the forefront in recent days.

In the New York Times article update on the issue, the point is gotten to much faster. Republican Senator Arlen Specter is quoted in the lead as saying that Gonzales' failure to step down is bad for the U.S. justice department. Spector is focused on in the Times' article because he is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his comments were aired on a FOX television show and focused on in the article. Specter is mentioned in the previous article, but not with as much detail though he is shown saying that Gonzales' testimony was variant with the facts of the situation. The New York Times article is much shorter, and only quotes one other senator, a democrat named Charles Schumer who talks about a potential successor.

I think the New York Times coverage is better because it focuses on a key GOP senator and is generally much shorter than the other article, which quotes many people but may actually have a lot of unnecessary text. The New York Times article says just as much in my opinion, except with many less words.