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Teen Charged With Murder On Bus

Police have arrested a boy and charged him with the murder of another young man on a bus early Sunday morning, according to an article in the Pioneer Press. The shooting happened at times when the suspect's parents insist he was at home, and he does not match the description of the suspect given in police reports. Police insist thatb ased on photos, they have found the right person. Metro Transit continues to insist that its mass transit services are safe, despite 4 serious incidents since the beginning of March. The victim of the shooting was a father, whose death leaves his partner to care for their 1-year-old son. The killing supposedly occured after the bus had stopped, with the suspect reaching inside the bus doors and firing the gun at the victim.

The piece's lead sets it up as a feature, introducing the differing actions of the two families involved at present. Rather than a hard news lead that would describe the action in an objective way, the article chooses to wait until the third sentence to state the news event, and then quotes relatives of the victim. The suspect's parents are then quoted, giving alibis, and then the police however are quoted insisting that they have the right man. A listing of the recent problems Metro Transit has had is then given, followed by a brief biography of the victim and a short chronology of the incident that resulted in his death.

The Star Tribune's coverage of the story also thrusts the reader right into the action, but in a different way. It describes a seemingly manic scene of 40 people yelling for the suspect's freedom from connection with the shooting. It mentions the event higher up. The reason for the conflict is also given earlier on, that of the two boys being members of rival groups. The article is short, focuses only on the suspect, and doesn't mention Metro Transit at all.

Both articles are fine, and take interesting angles with their instead of just treating the story as a simple hard news piece. However, the Pioneer Press covers all aspects of the story and paints a more vivid picture of all those involved, as well as how the bus company reacts to the issue, which I feel is important. It also contains almost all the details that the Star Tribune's article does, so it just feels like better coverage of the situation.