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Artic Ice Melting Faster Than Anticipated

An article published on theage.com.au has reported that the artic ice cap is melting much faster than anticipated by predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change. The ocean at the top of Earth could be free of ice by the year 2020, three decades sooner than anticipated. No ice on the top of the Earth like this could be a major catalyst to global warming, because ice reflects light and heat and with it gone the earth and sea will absorb it. Glaciologists believe the change is a result of greenhousr gases.

The lead establishes the main point of the article flatly, and leads into the details of the changei n prediction, 30 years ahead of schedule. The rest of the article basically hinges on statements attributed to various climate experts and glaciologists. What might be the most important detail is saved for the end of the article, with the glaciologist asserting that the levels are not a result of natural climate change, but rather due to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Coverage of the story at cnn.com is much more in-depth, but covers the same basic points. It feels like it's overwhelmed by details about the study done by the panel, but at the same time it des manage to clearly convey the main points, which are that the study is anticipated to be off by 30 years, and that the change is probably due to greenhouse gases.

The CNN article is less immediately readable than the article written for The Age, and saturates the article with facts that feel superfluous. There's also not as many quotes given from people working in the field, which doesn't help it.