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March 31, 2009

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

A book that discusses Brad Sorock's Niche Retail company.

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (Hardcover)
by Gino Wickman (Author)

March 30, 2009

buying eyeglasses in the Shanghai subway???

In an article from the La Times, getting prescription eyeglasses are cheap and quick.

Speak Chinese

An interesting Chinese language site. Also a good interview with a design entrepreneur at in Shanghai 10 min+ of video on home page. Hen hao!


Professor Gao Jian from Tsinghua was part of this conference on innovation and BRIC nations. There are slides accessible through registration. Could be interesting to explore this summer's conference. Much of the research is based on globelics. Many good concepts for MGMT 4050 Brazil

March 26, 2009

Beijing NLGX store

Interesting attempt to preserve old hutong neighborhood.

March 23, 2009

the future of news

It is rare to get to see an industry self destruct. Here is one blogger's take on What's next for news.

March 19, 2009

Flip Video story

Flip is a great story and a great case. I love the lessons learned from the first products. Nice returns on Cisco sale for founder(80M) and VCs on sale. Timing considerations? Why Cisco?

March 17, 2009

Sun Tzu and the Art of Business

Mark McNeilly has written a series of interesting strategy books drawing on traditional Chinese philosophy. Here is his site. Today he talked about building brand by tapping into cultural uniqueness. For example Japanese Lenovo designers using bento boxes as an inspiration for Thinkpad design.

March 16, 2009

NYT Shanghai travel advice

36 hours in Shanghai 3 15 09

March 9, 2009

MIT global entrepreneurship course

Many great ideas and sources in this open source site.

donut shaped bottle

Interesting video about Finnish designer Stephan Linfoss. Great design does help market entry. There is an environment aspect, maybe not intrinsic enough. video I also like the other topics on the site martinlindstrom.com

March 4, 2009

Creativity and China

A 2007 article in Fast Company but many good leads included, including Jigsaw International.