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November 30, 2009

Doing business in China article

from MITSloan Review 11 30 2009

November 25, 2009

U of M forest biofuels research

A $2.7 MILLION GRANT FOR FOREST BIOMASS RESEARCH awarded by the federal agriculture and energy departments will fund a U-led multistate study of whether forest-based biofuels are viable and sustainable. The study, led by assistant professor Anthony D'Amato, will involve analyzing the potential ecological and economic costs and benefits of harvesting woody biomass from forestland in the lake states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. For more information, see forest research grant.

Could be good compare and contrast w/ Brazil

November 17, 2009

Bloomberg Innovators show

Good web content for class. http://www.bloomberg.com/innovators/index.html

November 16, 2009

TechnoServe Brazil

Addressing infrastructure issues around poverty around the world and in Brazil. Bonnie Raquet from Cargill on board. http://www.technoserve.org/work-impact/locations/brazil.html

November 3, 2009

Counterpart's Analog Forestry system in Brazil

ResearcghPro-Natura, the Juruena Project and General Mills role. From Counterpart website

Green is the new black

"If green is the new black, then the University of Washington is one of the trendiest campuses in the nation."