June 19, 2014

Rate of adoption issues for wearable tech-

Good stats for awareness -> intention-> action-> reaction from NYT

April 3, 2014

Rate of adoption problems and smart watches

-nice article from the Guardian.

March 1, 2014

Slow watch

one 24 hour hand, promoted through the Oscar nominee swag bag

April 17, 2013

Shut up and listen!

A great TED talk by Ernesto Sirolli about "appreciative inquiry" and social entrepreneurship.

October 18, 2012

How does Brazil introduce itself to the world?

Article and website for Embratur

February 7, 2012

Beyond the Purchase

"research exploring the link between spending decisions and well-being." Summary article.

February 1, 2012

E laCarte

Disruptive innovation for restaurants or limited tech fad?

November 8, 2010

Microsoft Kinect

Strategies to increase observability: