February 10, 2015

Transitions coming to an end, and a new beginning

Our project at GPHS on the light rail is coming to an end, but we will be starting up new debates over the development coming to the Midway and Frogtown neighborhoods on the Green Line. Stay tuned for notices for public forums featuring GPHS Debaters! In the meantime, enjoy the latest films from Transitions at the MNHS Website--from taxi drivers to Cycles for Change organizers, we've got the voices of University Ave. here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.28.51 PM.png

March 29, 2011

GPHS Transitions--University now live at MHS website

See the first public versions of the soundslides the students have been making at GPHS. Thanks to Heidi Chung and Samantha Steinbring, UROP assistants, for all their contributions.

February 15, 2011

GPHS Project to debut soon @ Minnesota Historical Society

Check out the progress on the "Transitions: University" soundslides project here:

GPHS Students & MHS

September 20, 2010

GPHS Student work at Huie's Cabaret 9-25-10

Soundslides created by the GPHS students will be featured at photographer Wing Huie's University Ave. Project(ion) Cabaret this weekend. Come see their interviews and photos of local elders projected onto a building at 1433 University (between Pascal & Albert).
7-9pm Saturday Sept. 25th.

GPHS students will answer questions about their work after the screening.

More information about the project at: http://www.theuniversityavenueproject.com/events/calendar/2-calendar/45-cabertsept25.html

August 3, 2010

GPHS--Transitions/University Project with Minnesota Historical Society

A new project at GPHS is underway. Curriculum and Media Coordinator, Paul Creager, developed a partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) to have GPHS students interview elders about the development of the light rail on University Ave.

This spring, students at Gordon Parks High School worked with my two Freshman Research Award students on soundslides of local residents of the University/Midway corridor. One of the first finished projects is here. Take a look and listen!


The rest of the soundslides will become part of a permanent web exhibit at MHS in winter, but check back for more samples here this fall.

June 18, 2009

New work from Gordon Parks High School Radio & Ubah News

Here are new podcasts by GPHS students. Each student in Paul Creager's English class wrote and recorded a "This I Believe" essay as part of their assignments. These three podcasts were chosen by the class to be showcased at the GPHS Awards Day and the Saint Paul Public Schools' Technology Fair.

This spring, Ubah students revitalized their on-line newspaper. Learn about their experiences at my.hsj.org

January 13, 2009

GPHS Interviews

Here are some of the voices of the Gordon Parks High School Students and their teacher, Paul Creager, talking about their work in progress.

November 12, 2008

2008-09 Projects

This page holds links to the final projects done by students in JOUR 1905; by students working on radio production at Gordon Parks High School; and students at Ubah Medical Academy working on the school newspaper.

The Ubah Medical Academy Student Newspaper
... is housed at My High School Journalism, a website provided by the American Society of Newspaper Editors

The Gordon Parks students' work is in progress. One student, Stephanie Signone, finished an interview project on the military and the Iraq War. Here is a link to the page where the project is posted, wrightswords.com. Will Wright was the research assistant for this project over the summer and fall of 2008.


The students in JOUR 1905, Civil Rights and Journalism, have created some wonderful projects for younger students. Here are a few links and descriptions of a few of the multimedia pieces.

Yasmin Odowa created a slide show about the Great Black Migration and the role of the Black press:

Jennifer Bissell and Caitlin Mitchell created this slideshow about the importance of social protest, and the legacy of Ida B. Wells.