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My Thoughts on Technopoly

Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the end result is the same…man is the worlds greatest living species. While one of the newer species, man has achieved the levels of thought, ability to communicate, use tools, and create that no other animal has been able to achieve. No creature on earth could possibly overtake and overthrow man from the thrown that he sits in…except man himself and the technologies that he creates. In this way, technology has become the alpha of the entire animal kingdom.

The movement of technology taking over the world has been a slow process, in terms of man’s time on earth, but has picked up the pace in recent decades. From the automated factories which no longer require human workers to produce goods, to cars that are parking and indeed perhaps soon driving themselves. These inventions are meant to be for the greater good of mankind, but all leading toward machines that think for themselves and humans being used only as an energy source living only in a dream world with a few “free? minds living in underground cities hiding from the ever-present hunting machines. If that day winds up happening, I think I might opt for the blue pill.

technopoly copy.JPG