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Two different sources were used. One of the sources is named. The quotes are scattered throughout the story. The information is not from people it is from a sheriff's department and authorities. The reporter sets up the attribution as part of the story to give more detail, it is a very effective method.

Stephen Colbert testifies before congress

Stephen Colbert testified before congress on Friday during a hearing called "Protecing America's Harvest." The Comedy Central Host appeared alongside United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez during a House panel hearing on immigration, citizenship, refugees, border security, and international law, according to the Huffington Post. Colbert's comedic testimony was intended to disprove the theory that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens. Fox news reports that although many politicians critized Colbert's testimony Nancy Pelosi felt that it was appropriate because he has the ability to "bring attention to an important issue."

BP's internal investigation has been questioned by experts

BP's internal investigation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico oil has been exposed to have holes by engineering experts on Sunday. The Star Tribune reprted that BP's lead investigator, Mark Bly, head of safety and operations for BP, admitted that the company's investigation was limited. According to CBS news the study only looked at the immediate cause of the major oil spill in April which killed 11 workers and released 206 million gallons into the gulf. Many experts have pointed out that many critical elements have been left out of the investigation.

Deputy kills Wisconsin Gunman

A Wisconsin man was shot and killed by a deputy Sunday after shooting several vehicles, injuring two people and the deputy as well as the deputy. According to Kare 11 news witnesses spotted the gunman shooting at vehicles along Highway 70 in Siren, Wis. at around 11:40 a.m. Sunday. After firing the shots the suspect left the scene and when the deputy attempted to stop him he fired at the deputy, wounding him, said the Star Tribune. The deputy returned fire on the suspect, killing him.

News about Queen Elizabeth II's request for financial assistance from a government fund that provides subsidized heating to Britain's poorest to pay for heating at Buckingham Palace was released friday. According to the Star Tribune, the request was politely denied by the government in 2004. Fox News reports that heating the royal familiy's palaces costs more that $1.5 million a year. The publication of these documents has stirred up controversy among British citizens.

Quadruple amputee swims English Channel

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by Robert Stachowicz
The first quadruple amputee swam across the English Channel in 13 1/2 hours on Sunday. Philippe Croizon, 42, from France, he completed the 21-mile swim twice as fast as his team had expected. According to the Guardian Croizon set off at 6:30 a.m. expecting to swim 24 hours. MSNBC reports that he lost his arms and legs 16 years ago after being electrecuted while fixing his TV antenna. While in the hospital he watched a documentary about swimming the channel which eventually turned into his ambition. For the past two years Croizon has been spending 30 hours each week perfecting his swimming technique.

Iran releases one of American hikers

by Robert Stachowicz
An American women who was released after spending 410 days in Iranian prison of espionage told reporters Sunday that she is not a spy. Sarah Shroud, 32, was detained for crossing the Iran-Iraq border while Hiking with her fiance Shane Brauer and their friend Josh Fattal, both 28. According to the NY Times Shroud only feels "one-third" free since Braur and Fattal have not yet been realeased. Kare 11 reported Shroud saying that they did not commit any crimes and had no Idea that they had crossed the unmarked border while hiking in a popular tourist area.

by Robert Stachowicz
Two men were charged Monday with murdering a St. Paul man last week in order to steal a car that he was selling on Craigslist. According to the Star Tribune , Dao Xiong, 19, told investigators that he killed Youa Lor, 33 by shooting him in the stomach because he wanted to steal and strip parts from his 2003 Nissan 350z. The Pioneer Press reported that Xiong pretended to be interested in buying the car and shot Lor during a test drive, leaving him in a ditch where he shortly died. Since Keng Thao, 19, of Maplewood ,allegedly helped Xiong, of Oakdale, plan the car theft as well as strip parts from Lor's car, he is being charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

Lightning strike sets Burnsville group home on fire

A lightning strike caused a group home in Burnsville to catch on fire Wednesday morning. Firefighters were called to the residence at 11:50a.m. by neighbors who reported seeing large flames on the seide of the house. Fox 9 news reports that firefighters discovered that the fire which was crawling up the side of the house and into the attic originated from the gas meter. Neighbors assisted the caretaker in evacuating the two residents in wheelchairs safely out of the burning house. According to KSTP although fire damage was contained to the outside of the home, the interior sustained smoke and water damage. ACR Homes, owners of the group home which is located on 113 Crestridge drive, is already relocating the residents of the home until all of the damage is repaired.

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