| 2 Comments has videos, pictures, news categories with links to news stories listed by title, and Facebook features. has pictures, videos, links to top news stories, slideshow, a chart, and a widget. The pictures and videos help readers visualize the written story and the links make it easier for readers to find top news stories that may interest them. Next to some pictures and videos there is a title and lead. Next to pictures and videos of less "important" news there is just a title. The writing is very condensed and only features the most importnat details.


Robert: You consistently produce only four news entries plus one analysis. The requirement is five news entries plus analysis for the weeks that have an analysis entry. Please see the calendar on the blogging guidelines.

Also, take more care with these analysis entries. This one was pretty surface. You want to apply some thought to the question. In this case, I gave it .5 points. I'd like to see more depth in the blogging.

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