The article I found is about immigration reform and Latinos. According to my friend Luis, who is a 22-year-old Mexican-American with a full-time job, that lives in Andover, MN, and wished not to have his last name used, the report did move beyond stereotype into something more substantive. The article which is mainly about immigration reform and also about Latino voters and politicians, did partially use the stereotype that immigration has to do with mainly Latinos. But it did not say that and moved onto the actual report about immigration reform and how the Latino vote and Latino politicians play a crucial in the immigration reform. Also there was a statement in the article saying that " not only Latinos care about immigration." The story uses data about Latino voters, and about what both the Democrats and Republicans are doing to try to gain their votes. The story also used observation to talk about why immigration refrom will be difficult to achieve because of political party differences.

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