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PHILADELPHIA -- Police officers in downtown Philadelphia almost called the bomb squad after finding a shot-up car with exposed wiring, which turned out to be a movie prop. "The Philadelphia Inquirer reports police stopped Friday morning in the Old City section when they saw the car riddled with bullet holes and side windows shot out. They also saw wires running from the trunk into the dashboard," the Star Tribune said. "The officers were ready to close the street and call the bomb squad when a security guard told them it was for a film," the LA Times said.

Medicaid patients selling drugs to dealers

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Medicaid patients are selling prescription drugs to drug dealers. So far 33 people have been charged in a large-scale investigation, police said. "For the first time, the Buffalo investigators devoted the kinds of resources normally aimed at street drugs like heroin or crack - wiretaps, buys, surveillance and cross-agency cooperation to trace the drugs from pharmacy to street," the Huffington Post said. "Often at no charge, the patients see a doctor, or several doctors, and come away with prescriptions for narcotic OxyContin and other pills they then sell to a dealer for as much as $1,000," MSNBC said.

Card draw determines winner of Nevada race

MINDEN, Nev. -- A county board election, which resulted in a tie was decided by a draw of the cards on Friday. "The Record-Courier of Gardnerville reports that Natalie Yanish drew the ace of clubs Friday to win a seat on the Kingsbury Grade General Improvement District board over Robert McDowell, who drew the eight of diamonds," the Star Tribune said. "The two tied for third place in the Nov. 2 election. They finished with 373 votes each in an 11-way race for three seats," FOX 5 news said. Nevada state law allows candidates to settle ties by either flipping a coin or drawing cards.

Ranks of millionaire college presidents increase

The number of millionaire private college and university presidents has been increasing in recent years. "A record 23 presidents received more than $1 million in total compensation in fiscal 2008, according to an analysis of the most recently available data published Monday by the Chronicle of Higher Education," MSNBC said. "More than 1 in 5 chief executives at the 448 institutions surveyed topped $600,000," Buffalo news said.

Gebre Gebremariam wins NYC marathon in debut

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NEW YORK - Ethiopinan professional runner, Gebre Gebremariam, won the New York City Marathon, which is his first marathon. Gebremaria, 26, ran alone effortlessly alone in the final two miles in Central Park, capturing the New York City Marathon in 2 hours 8 minutes 14 seconds," the New York Times said. "Haile Gebrselassie, the marathon world-record holder, announced his retirement after dropping out of the race on a day that signaled the rise of a new Ethiopian standout," the Seattle Times said.

Idaho Governor becomes a wedding crasher

JEROME, Idaho -- Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter, of Idaho, accidentaly became a wedding crasher during a campaign stop on Wedensday. According to the Star Tribune, "The state's chief executive entered a room in the Jerome Public Library in southern Idaho with other GOP candidates on Wednesday evening." "The Times-News reports that Otter was responding to a difficult question about wolves when wedding guests started arriving from the nuptials in a nearby park and Linda Helms lobbed an even tougher question by wanting to know why the governor had taken over a room reserved for the bride and groom," KTVB said. Gov. Otter broke off the meeting and all of the candidates left.

Runners complete an uphill marthon with a 6,000 foot elevation

Runners completed the first ever Mt. Lemmon Marathon on Sunday, the 26.2 mile marathon has a new element, an uphill route. "In what was billed as the world's toughest road marathon, 26.2 miles at high altitude that went up and up and then up some more, hundreds of runners huffed and puffed up one of Tucson's highest peaks," said The New York Times "That's what the first ever Mt. Lemmon Marathon is all about. Early Sunday morning, runners covered a 26.2-mile route that goes up 6,000 feet in elevation -- all the way up the mountain to the finish line at Summerhaven," said KOLD news. The winner of the race is James Miles who ran the marathon 3 hours, 13 minutes.

8 gang suspects brought to court for NYC anti-gay attack

NEW YORK, Eight gang suspects arrested under charges in the torture of two teenage boys and a man in an anti-gay attack were brought before court on Sunday. "The charges against the defendants include robbery, assault, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment as hate crimes" said St. Louis Today. "The nine members of the Latin King Goonies gang had heard a rumor one of their teenage recruits was gay and then found the teen, stripped him, beat him and sodomized him with a plunger handle until he confessed to having had sex with a man" said the Star Tribune. The police are looking for a ninth suspect, who had been expected to turn himself in but did not show up to the court hearing.

Las Vegas on losing streak

LAS VEGAS, The nation's gambling capitol is in its deepest economic rut since the 1940's, as a result of the recession. Even as the city's leaders hope that gamblinf revenues will rebound with the economy, experts predict that it will not be enough to make up for the collapse of the construction industry, said The New York Times. According to the Seattle Times the Unemployment rate is 14.4 percent, which is the highest in the nation. Gambling revenues are continuing to decrease, but public officials are expecting the gambling industry to improve once the U.S. economy rebounds.

BP's internal investigation has been questioned by experts

BP's internal investigation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico oil has been exposed to have holes by engineering experts on Sunday. The Star Tribune reprted that BP's lead investigator, Mark Bly, head of safety and operations for BP, admitted that the company's investigation was limited. According to CBS news the study only looked at the immediate cause of the major oil spill in April which killed 11 workers and released 206 million gallons into the gulf. Many experts have pointed out that many critical elements have been left out of the investigation.

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