February 28, 2005

A desperate plea

Sorry for the long drought without my words.

*snort* Hahahaha, man, I crack myself up.

I haven't really felt like writing much of anything lately. My life is kind of on a slacker's downward spiral. Skipped choir tonight, haven't really felt like reading or writing much of anything. Anything...more like nothing, if we're being honest. And let's be honest, dear reader. I always aim for that, but rarely hit the target.

Nothing has been going too well. After a long, emotionally draining conversation on the phone with my parents, I've decided to give up the apartment idea with Kate and Meesa for now. I don't know how well I'm going to be able to handle a year at home, but I'm damned well going to try. Of course, this all depends on whether or not I get hired on full time at my current office. I did all the paperwork, but no one's gotten back to me on anything. I don't know if that means they're just waiting, or if I should start looking elsewhere. It's nerve-wracking and irritating and stressful.

This Saturday Kate's parents are taking myself, Kate, Meesa and the rest of Kate's stuff home. We're spending the day there, then coming back up with a car. Imagine that...a car. For an entire week. Instead of having to take the bus. Ah, what simple joys. The 11-13 is Anime Detour, so my weekends are planned for a bit. Yay, something to do. If anybody in the general area is going, let me know. We can meet up. It will be cool. (Bex, I'm looking at you.)

I have nothing new to say. The roommate thing is going decently. I like to go to bed earlier than she does, but that's a negligible item. So far we get along fine. She leaves the lights on and locks the door when she's somewhere else. It's kinda weird, but I only have two months with her. Two months. I can make it. By the way, anybody mind if I come spend several hours at your place? *wink wink nudge nudge*

My new goal (as I have recently decided) is to find and go on at least one date before I graduate. What's that you say? Jody, you've been on dates already. Oh no, my friend. Those were future horror stories just waiting to be remembered and recounted. Not dates. No, I will not graduate before at least going out for coffee with a nice guy.

So. Any takers out there? I'm mostly nice. No diseases. I could probably take you in an eating contest, but that's also a negligible detail.

Wait, just who do I think I'm addressing? No nice, single guys my age (19-24 in the Minneapolis area) read this.


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