September 15, 2008

Plant Diversity

For my first location I chose an area by my house where lots of cars drive on the grass. It is not an ideal place for plants to grow because of it. The topography of the land is also not ideal for plants becuase it gets too much rain due to the dip in the land.

The second location is near Bierman and is ideal for plant diversity because of the ideal conditions. Not only does it get great sunlight with a mixture of both sun and shade, but it also gets fertilized by the U of M. That helps the plants, grass, and trees with with stand harsh conditions, and remain strong and healthy.

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September 8, 2008

Pictures Assignment 1


November 25, 2007

This is who I am...

I was born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in Fargo, ND. I have 2 older sisters, and 1 younger brother. My family gets along great with each other, and we love to travel. My favorite food is pasta, and my favorite season in summer. I hope to one day be able to live in another country for at least 3 years. I have never been to California. My favorite song is "Gravity" by John Mayer. My biggest pet-peeve is when people talk with a "frog" in their throat. In high school I played the French Horn and was the captain of the golf team. My first job was teaching figure skating. I once claimed I was going to open a cookie shop. Currently I attend the Universtiy of MN and love it!

November 2007

Thanksgiving this year was spent at my grandparents in Brainard, MN. We were joined there by my cousins from Maple Grove. There was a total of 16 of us. It was fun to see my cousin Jessica and her husband Brett, along with my uncle Ken, as they just got back from India on a mission trip. They were all so tired from traveling and getting used to the time change. It was fun to see their pictures and videos though. The kids over there are so cute! We were only able to stay for one day because my sister and I had to get back to work on Black Friday. I worked at The Limited and my sister worked at Macy's. It wasn't too bad though. I would say last year was a lot more crowded. Hopefully that doesn't foretell the future! Besides leaving a little earlier than I would have liked, it was a wonderful holiday and time with my family.