January 04, 2007

Instant Messaging Service

Hi all,

As we move forward will rolling out our IM (instant messaging) reference service, here's a link to the web site where you can download Gaim. Gaim is the software we will use to answer IM reference questions.


When you get to this site, look for a file called gaim-2.0.0.beta5.exe to download.

Also, we've decided not to implement IM service in this upcoming roll-out on the weekends.

Please share with me your IM screen names so we can practice with one another. Here's what I know so far:

Lisa's screen names:
AIM: lmcguire301
Google Talk: mcgulisa@gmail.com
MSN: lmcguire301@hotmail.com
Yahoo: lisa_mcguire301

Martha's screen names:
GoogleTalk: martha.hardy@gmail.com
MSN: mhardy01@hotmail.com
Yahoo: marthaehardy

Karla's screen name:
Yahoo: libkarla

Nicole's screen name:
MSN: nrtheis@hotmail.com

Cindy's screen name:
MSN: sabumoe@hotmail.com


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