March 30, 2005

E-journals page

This is a gentle reminder to be sure check our E-journals page for titles that we may have access to through one of our big aggregated packaged, that are not cataloged in MNCAT.

I ran across this situation with Medical Education, which was cancelled in 2001, and a patron had made an ILL request for a number of articles from 2002-2004. Fortunately Steve caught this for me.


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March 28, 2005

Dental Hygiene Medline Assignment

Dental hygiene students in DH2212 are doing a Medline proficiency assignment. If anyone comes to the desk asking to turn the assignment in, please make sure that their name and email address is written on the hard copy. You can place the assignments in one of the black flat folders on the shelf next to Jim's office. A copy of the assignment is available at: O:\biomed\PubServ\Instruction\Dental Hygiene

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March 16, 2005

U realigns graduate programs

Another entry that may be of interest mainly to liaisons.

The Star Tribune reported this morning that the U is merging some graduate programs, discontinuing others, and holding off decisions about other programs ( There are several health sciences programs included.

This may be of interest to those whose departments are being merged or discontinued (or those on notice for possible closure or mergers later), and also for our collection development policies currently underway, to make sure they are current and reflect changes in programs.

Departments affected are:

Discontinued programs

East Asian Studies.
Russian Area Studies.
Biomedical Science.
Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Merging programs

South Asian Languages, Chinese and Japanese merge to become Asian Literatures, Cultures and Media.
Music Education merges with Music.
Hispanic Linguistics and Hispanic Literature merge with Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Linguistics.
Recreation, Park and Leisure Studies merges with Education, Recreation and Park and Leisure Studies.
Work, Community and Family Education merges with Education, Work, Community and Family Education.
Aerospace Engineering merges with Mechanics.
History of Medicine and Biological Science merges with History of Science and Technology.

Programs still under discussion (could close, merge or remain independent)

Merging Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (12 students) with Biobased Products.
Wildlife Conservation (17 students).
Merging Plant Pathology (27 students) with Plant Biological Sciences.
Oral Biology (19 students).
Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (21 students).
Chemical Physics (nine students).
Geological Engineering (one student).
Cellular and Integrative Physiology (14 students).
Clinical Laboratory Science (11 students).
Merging Experimental Surgery (no students) and Otolaryngology (10 students) with Surgery.
Merging Bioinformatics with Scientific Computation.
Art at the Duluth campus (six students).
Music at Duluth (11 students).
Physics at Duluth (six students).
Toxicology (six students).

Source: University of Minnesota

Thanks! Karla

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March 15, 2005

Web reference lists

This message may only be of interest to liaisons - sorry!

I came across two AHC departmental web pages with references to articles that linked directly to the full-text. This could be a violation of our licensing agreements with vendors if people are linking to full-text via our licensed resources. In my experiences, both cases were linking to the licensed resource, which then could be used by non-affiliates to search, download, etc other articles.

I was able to verify that this was the case by using Megaproxy (, which is an anonymous surfing product on the web.

We may all run into these in the future as we write up our collection development policies and explore departmental web pages in-depth.


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