February 16, 2009

reference librarians take note Call number searching guide - pdf in Netfiles

By Popular Demand: Call Number Searching in MNCAT Plus
We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to search for call numbers in MNCAT Plus. You can search for either a single complete call number or for all titles with the same classification number or part of a classification number. Since call number searching isn't as simple as other types of searching, we encourage you to review the searching hints and examples at: https://netfiles.umn.edu/ul/Divisions/InfoTech/LibEntOps/Primo/HowTo/Call%20Number%20Searches.pdf . This document is intended for staff. We'd appreciate any suggestions for clarification. We'd also like to produce a more succinct version for users to include in the MNCAT Plus help. Volunteers for this writing task are welcome.
- Christina Meyer

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February 12, 2009

Minneapolis Tribune index 1867-1922 online

As of a few days ago, we have suddently acquired access to a ProQuest
online index to the MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE for 1867-1922. I asked
Charles S., who said that Proquest suddently turned it on, that we
are not being charged for it, but that it is unclear if we'll continue
to be able to access it. He doesn't where why/where Proquest did this.

It brings up citations (and sometimes abstracts) only -- no full
text, and no pdf page or story images. Still, it's obviously useful.

There is no record in MNCAT or the "Indexes and Databases A to Z"
menu for it. (And if we may not be getting permanent access, that's
as well for now.) The only way to get to it seems to be to go to
any of the other Proquest newspaper databases, such as the CHICAGO
TRIBUNE or NEW YORK TIMES historical files, click on the "select
mulitple databases" link, go down to the "Historical Databases"
list at the bottom of the screen, check the MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE
"on" (and then check "off" whatever other paper you entered to get
to the list, unless you do want to search it in conjunction with

"pig's eye" brings up 31 documents
"little big horn" brings up 53
chippewa brings up 2303
duluth brings up 58,084 etc.

Denny Lien

January 22, 2009

Wireless in Wilson - difficulties

The Wireless network for buildings fed from the Heller Hall Wireless Aggregator
are experiencing intermittent service due to resource exhaustion issues.
Engineers are working on the problem.

system status page

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