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staff152.jpgWelcome to my Blog: Sine over Cosine.

The idea of this blog came from a discussion with friends. Stemming from some suggestions after some quasi-popular posts on other sites, I started thinking about blogging. It seemed many friends like to hear what I have to say- or they don't have a choice because I blabber. Many of my friends consider me smart because I'm studying to attain a Ph.D. (we'll get to that in a post sometime later- I ain't smart). Despite debates of smartitude, my hope is to be engaged with peers in meaningful discussion. So here we are...

My work happens to be creating knowledge about the world of work. This is particularly important to me because the world of work is complex, and work dominates much of our lives. Work dominates our discussions at the dinner tables, at bars, at the rec softball game, at happy hours. We often define ourselves first by what work we perform. Example:

What do you do?
I'm an accountant.

See what I mean?

Sitting in academia, I often think "What can I do to help identify and address the needs of the world of work? How can I better lives by doing so?" Recognizing that I am lucky and blessed enough to have a wide array of friends, colleagues, and intellectual superiors, I thought: "Hey. I have such great people around me. I should make it about their interests!"

So, I leave this blog (which I hope to contribute to regularly) entirely up to you. What, related to work, would you like me to think about? Or, more poignantly, I pose you this question: How can business scholarship related to the world of work help you?

When I get your responses and questions, I'll choose one subject per blog. I may contact you directly to clarify your specific interest(s). Then, I'll do my best to skim some relevant business/academic literature, craft a response, and pose some questions for discussion. There are no stupid questions. There are no right answers. There are not wrong answers. Simply put, this blog's mission is: Let's think together!

Feel free to reply or drop me a line with your thoughts, questions, comments or concerns. I'd feel honored!

-Benjamin A. Stafford

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