Essay #4 Prompt

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Due: As a hard copy December 20th between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. in Jason's office (226 Burton). If you want to turn in the essay early, please do so as a stapled paper copy. If you're turning it in early and I'm not in my office, just give your stapled paper copy to the person at the front desk in 206 Burton Hall and they will put it in my mailbox. Someone will be at the front desk between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every weekday. No late papers will be accepted for this final essay.

Length: A typed, double-spaced essay of 3-4 pages.


Although I discuss the essay in terms of "sections" do not actually have section headings. Instead, I want you to write the paper as a cohesive whole which transitions from section to section using the topic sentences of paragraphs, not section headings. Here are the requirements for each section of the paper:

• In the first section of the essay, using Chapter 7 in Gerstle, Chapter 8 in Gerstle, and the Epilogue of Gerstle, answer the following questions: Why did the Rooseveltian Nation collapse? Once it collapsed, what visions of the American nation did the left, liberals, and conservatives advocate to take its place?

• In the second section of the essay answer the following questions: Why does Gerstle criticize what he terms "hard multiculturalism"? How would Assata Shakur respond to his criticisms? Given that "hard multiculturalism" grew out of black power movements, how specifically does she positively argue for such a position in her Autobiography? In other words, what does she think are the positive aspects of a hard multiculturalist/black power position such as her own?

When directly quoting from a text, simply use parenthetical page numbers and the author's last name in your citations. A fake example: Smith argues that, "The Civil War was fought primarily over the issue of slavery as it related to westward expansion" (Smith, 12). When you paraphrase a text, you do not need a citation.

This essay will be evaluated on how well you have understood the material in Gerstle and Shakur as well as how well you have communicated that understanding. I do not grade on grammar, only clarity. That is, I do not look at things like correct comma placement and semicolon usage but rather on whether your writing is clear enough to accurately communicate the two sections of the essay.

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