Midtown Market Center

My first reaction to seeing the midtown market was the shock of the size. I honestly wasn't expecting such a large building. Outside, people were sitting at tables making small talk with one another and drinking coffee. A women was giving directions to an oncoming pedestrian, while others were exiting the building with bags of grocery's. The atmosphere inside of the midtown global market was amazing. It was relaxing and exciting all at the same time. There were restaurants and small markets with food from all around the world. It was like a taste of the entire globe. Many people were seated at tables with their laptops and newspapers, while others were rummaging through everything from african artwork to asian seasonings. I found the midtown market a place where all types of ethnicities could come together to one place, and it was a place to experience all types of culture without leaving a big city.

midtown market.jpg

midtown market 2.jpg