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The Phenomenon of Roller Coasters

Roller coasters, there everywhere. But are they a phenomenom? Yes! Roller coasters can be precieved but not one but many of the senses. You can feel the roller coaster fly aorund the track, the noise of the rickety old train cars banging the tracks, and you can see the coaster go up and down around the track. This fact makes it a phenomenom. It also is a complex system that inculdes things, frameworks, and clockworks. When and where roller coasters were started can be tracked and calculated to the exact time. Finally the roller coaster has destination, and that is to get around the track, and back to where it started. These reasons make roller coasters phenomena.

roller 1.jpg

One aspect that makes a roller coaster a phenomenom is that it has clockworks. The path that roller coaster takes is completely predictable. The time that it takes to travel the track to how many times the wheels rotate on the train cars can be predicted and are always periodic. Roller coasters also include frameworks. This is true becuase you can have many different types of roller coasters but they will all the same thing. You can have steel or wood coasters and they are all related becuase they perform the same type of entertainment. The roller coaster is also made up of things. The things like the track, the train cars, the structure holding up the track, they all take up space. They all have size and can be measured to certain standards. They also have shape and attributes.

roller 3.jpg


All these clockworks, frameworks, and things come together to make a roller coaster a phenomenon.