Analysis: Washington Post and Los Angeles Times multimedia options

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The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times both feature multiple multimedia options on their websites, including video, slide show and social media options.

Both websites feature to slide show news reports. These reports have videos and photos related to a news story the organization is reporting about. Written text appears either next to or below the photos and basically describe what is happening in the photo and the news story. The writing is highly descriptive and reads like a hard-news story.

The websites feature links to video news reports as well. These video news reports do not often have writing accompanying the video, but they leave space available at he bottom of the webpage viewers to comment.

At the top of both websites' pages is a link to `like' them on Facebook. If one chooses to `like' the organization, the website will send out news reports to his or her news feed on Facebook. The subscriber then has access to all of the organization's top stories on Facebook.

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