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Just Being Social

There are many social design errors, but most can be overlooked without worry. Some howerver standout as issues that need to be rectified

The corner of 15th Ave. SE and 4th St. SE is a standout issue.

When one reaches the corner they get a feeling of unwelcomeness. It is as if the concrete jungle has completely overgrown the area. There is an abscence of trees or shrubbery and the storefronts are rundown. The entire area needs a facelift. The McDonald's is run down and foreboding and by far the biggest issue on the intersection. For an area meant to draw in students, Dinkytown is just a tad creepy.

I would be much in favor of a renovation of the area. It would increase the influx of poeple into Dinkytown. The livelihood of the business' in the surrounding area would increase as more students are drawn in. It would not have to be a full renovation, a little help could go a long way in this situation.