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Invisible Phenomena

The simplest thing can be a phenomena. Let's take a look at the garbage system, specifically Pioneer Hall's waste manegement system. Since phenomena contain things, frameworks, and clockworks, I will attempt to analyze the phenomena through these things. First, there are many things in this framework; there is a myriad of jonk tossed every day into the garbage. The different types of garbage all smell different, look different, sound different when dropped, feel different, and I'm sure if tasted, they would taste different.


All of these things, different types of garbage, make up a framework. They come together in a garbage can repeatedly and often.

garbage can.jpg

This framework is a clockwork because the garbage receptacles fill up and then empty only to repeat the same process. This event occurs periodically, every day, in Pioneer hall, and continually. This is a phenomena because it has a beginning and end, empty and full, and it has a marked origin and and verifiable completion. It occurs everyday across the world, making it an extremely complex system, a phenomena.