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December 4, 2006

The Final Entry of The Firefly

I would like to say that I have found 1701 to be a very informative intellectual class. Ozayr make great powerpoint presentations with pretty pictures. Lecture is always a great learning experience injected with witty humour. Except for the quattsi movies, the sped up footage make me sick to my stomach, loved Baraka though. The class has helped cement my plans of becoming an architect in the future.

James, thanks for being the best friggin 1701 TA. Discussions were always the highlight of my Mondays.

Thank you for providing me with a fun and informative playground of architectural knowledge.

ARCH 1701 was by far my favorite class of this semester.


I have not entered any previous blogs on my community service and I find this to be a good time to do so. I would like to thank Ozayr for giving me the opportunity to mentor the children of ACES. It has been a great learning process for me. It is personally exhilerating to see the joy of the children when I show up to work with them. I fully intend to continue volunteering throughout next semester.

Short and Sweet. There is really nothing else to say.


To begin this final required entry, I would like to say that I found Louis Kahn's reading to be extremely difficult. It is interesting, but after reading it five time, I am still not entirely sure I understand it.

Neil Gershenfeld's Fab and Louis Kahn's Silence and Light are similar strains of thought seperated by different conclusions. Fab deals with the creative process and what can be produced when the human mind is allowed to run rampant while Silence and Light deals with creativity in architecture.

Both articles describe creative designs that are not neccesarily viable construction. For example, the personal scream space idea requires a sound damper. How do you make a sound damper? Also, I believe Silence and Light describes a building made entirely of shadows. This would be unbelievably cool, but it does not really work.

I believe that both of the articles are really trying to emphasize the importance of creativity. It is the designers greatest and most valued asset. All great buildings start with a creative idea. Designers should not feel pressured into making something they hate because the end product will lack a very important element, the touch of an artist. As the final readings, I believe they both push the powerful message of why we create. Simply, we strive for creative freedom, and the beauty of seeing one's ideas come to fruition.