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January 30, 2006

Thoughts about my proposed community service

I chose the Minnesota Internship Center Charter School to tutor high school students preparing for the Minnesota Basic Standards Tests. I think it is self-evident that public schools should exist, so even though I disagree with the ability of the government to defund them that these tests create, until they are removed it is important that our schools meet the set percentages. I hope I'm able to help prepare every student I work with, but I'm worried that at first I won't be able to communicate my thoughts effectively.
I have confidence that I'll be able to understand the material, emphasis on mathematics, because I was able to undertsand the material when I was younger. But, I'll have to look over their problems, read in their books of how to solve the problems before I'm able to help them.
I have night class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I typically work on Mondays, so Wednesday evenings and Fridays are the days I'll be able to contribute. I have a car, so transportation is not a concern.
At the end of the semester, if I'm able to help the students I work with pass their tests, I will acquire a feeling of satisfaction.

January 23, 2006

Understanding service

The example of Noblesse Oblige the writer used, "You perform community service because you fell fortunate and able to help out someone else," I thought was stretched by the writer. I didn't see as an implication in her/his definition that he/she had elevated themselves above the "servee" on moral grounds. I only understood her definition that some are more fortunate in a physical sense: i.e. money. Rather than using your time to spend your money, some engage in community service.
But I thought it was helpful of the writer of Understanding Service, to stress the amount of knowledge bestowed upon the "server." As the biological difference between servers and servees is non-existent, politically it is very fruitful to understand the ways a person is in their situation; to realize the connection of how my decisions and actions or inactions affect other people.
I liked the emphasis put on the interdependence of people.