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Thoughts about my proposed community service

I chose the Minnesota Internship Center Charter School to tutor high school students preparing for the Minnesota Basic Standards Tests. I think it is self-evident that public schools should exist, so even though I disagree with the ability of the government to defund them that these tests create, until they are removed it is important that our schools meet the set percentages. I hope I'm able to help prepare every student I work with, but I'm worried that at first I won't be able to communicate my thoughts effectively.
I have confidence that I'll be able to understand the material, emphasis on mathematics, because I was able to undertsand the material when I was younger. But, I'll have to look over their problems, read in their books of how to solve the problems before I'm able to help them.
I have night class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I typically work on Mondays, so Wednesday evenings and Fridays are the days I'll be able to contribute. I have a car, so transportation is not a concern.
At the end of the semester, if I'm able to help the students I work with pass their tests, I will acquire a feeling of satisfaction.