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Understanding service

The example of Noblesse Oblige the writer used, "You perform community service because you fell fortunate and able to help out someone else," I thought was stretched by the writer. I didn't see as an implication in her/his definition that he/she had elevated themselves above the "servee" on moral grounds. I only understood her definition that some are more fortunate in a physical sense: i.e. money. Rather than using your time to spend your money, some engage in community service.
But I thought it was helpful of the writer of Understanding Service, to stress the amount of knowledge bestowed upon the "server." As the biological difference between servers and servees is non-existent, politically it is very fruitful to understand the ways a person is in their situation; to realize the connection of how my decisions and actions or inactions affect other people.
I liked the emphasis put on the interdependence of people.