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Blog week six

Today I went to my site for the first time. I'm tutoring at a charter school which is located in a church. It's a one room classroom, located at the top of the building. The tables form a large horseshoe and many computers sit behind them.
I met the teacher I'll work with, Kathy, and she was very helpful and enthusiastic, but a little disorganized. She sent me downstairs, into a cafateria to work on a math worksheet with a sixteen year old girl, Miranda. Miranda wanted to know the material, which was pre-algebra. I was able to understand her problems quickly, but told her a few wrong things. We worked on the worksheet for an hour and a half. I left feeling I could have done a much better job at communicating my knowledge; she was still unsure about some solutions at the end.
It was a good first day experience. I enjoyed everyone I came in contact with, and when I said goodbye to Kathy and Miranda, they both seemed like they appreciated my contribution.