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Hellhole and Jewish community

Hellhole noted that the relationship between balcks and Jews in the twenties and thirties was good despite some racial differences. The Jewish community owned many of the businesses and helped the poorer members of North Minneapolis when they were in particular financial trouble. The "Jewish community" piece noted the racial tensions that led to the Jewish exodus; tensions between blacks and jews and jews and white gentials. But, there were many members of the jewish community who worked to encourage understanding between the races before the jewish exit to the suburbs.
There was always violence in North Minneapolis. Davis said it was not uncommon to see someone beat up or a dead body on a street in the morning. The writer of the "Jewish community" piece described a conflict between a group of jews and gentials driving cars. But the increased segregation and weaponry has changed North Minneapolis. The freeways have isolated it. The jewish exodus has resulted in ending the economically vertically integrated community. The federal programs contributed to this and also racism.
The segregated community North Minneapolis now is correlates with the timeline drawn by Hilfiker. When the black riots occurred in 1967, the push to leave escalated quickly.