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Urban Injustice and Our America pregnancy similarity

In Urban Injustice, David Hilfiker spends time describing the single mother pregnany issue of ghettos. He dispells many myths and gives alternate reasons why the situation is as it is. He says fathers tend to leave their families because of a feeling of economic failure. He says teenage black girls desire children to love someone and to be loved. This is analogous to Our America. LeAlan's sister, Janell had a child at 15. When LeAlan asks about the father she says he doesn't have a job. (The father's feeling of not being able to provide economically could be a reason he's not around much) When LeAlan notes that Janell dropped out of school because of her child, she responds by saying she wouldn't change what she did. She feels her son to be the most precious, important thing in her life and she wouldn't want to give him up. In the desperation of ghettos, teenagers feel hopeless and desperate; a child is a way to acquire a purpose to their lives.