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March 27, 2006

Research Project

I will look on employment possibilites regarding poor African Americans. I will do this as it relates to their job satisfaction. Then I will find out about the past, current and hopeful employment for students at my site.
I hope to find out what the students at my site desire to do regarding work for their future. This answer will be influenced by their lives, and the past of African Americans.
The students I work with at the alternative school are making an effort to get a high school degree, so I assume they have work goals. So, their thought s on employment are very important to the work I do with them when I tutor. Also, North Minneapolis has limited options, so it will be interesting to see how it has influenced the ambitions of the young people of the community.
A young women named Letisha has been my best source. She was very open with me and gave me an image of her perfect work situation. I appreciated it very much, because it allowed me into the mind of somebody with widely different perceptions. It aslo helped me to narrow my research because I became interested in job satisfaction from her comment she enjoyed working at Arby's.

March 6, 2006

Blog week 8

Today, March 6, I met with Julie and Amy, coordinators for the charter school. They supplied me with training; we talked about the cultural aspects of myself and those of many students I will encounter. In addition, they showed me resources I can use to assist my tutoring and help prepare the students for their basic standards tests. It was a good experience, both women very enthusiastic and sympatheic.
Last Wednesday I helped Rodney with a paper he had to complete. The essay question was whether a women would be capable of the presidency of the USA. He felt, irrationally, that no women was capable. But, I wasn't there to explain his support was inaccurate. My job was to show him the format of an essay: an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion: the format needed to pass the writing test. We completed his paper together, I helped position his sentences, and asked him to explain himself in writing. It went well, but we were rushed at the ending so I wasn't able to go over his work when it was finished.