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Blog week 8

Today, March 6, I met with Julie and Amy, coordinators for the charter school. They supplied me with training; we talked about the cultural aspects of myself and those of many students I will encounter. In addition, they showed me resources I can use to assist my tutoring and help prepare the students for their basic standards tests. It was a good experience, both women very enthusiastic and sympatheic.
Last Wednesday I helped Rodney with a paper he had to complete. The essay question was whether a women would be capable of the presidency of the USA. He felt, irrationally, that no women was capable. But, I wasn't there to explain his support was inaccurate. My job was to show him the format of an essay: an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a conclusion: the format needed to pass the writing test. We completed his paper together, I helped position his sentences, and asked him to explain himself in writing. It went well, but we were rushed at the ending so I wasn't able to go over his work when it was finished.