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Connections between my site and the class

One thing I have noticed between my site and the readings I have read for class is that the students at the charter school (African Americans in the inner-city) have less school knowledge than thestudents I went to high school with in Stillwater. I haven't talked with the students enough to determine the reasons, but I have seen a girl with three kids, and found that a couple of kids I have worked with don't live with their parents; David Hilfiker mentioned these as reasons for poor school performance. Another connection is that many students miss school. Also, Hilfiker notes the oppurtunity to dismantle the ghettos by looking to other countries. I see much hope for these students as all that I have talked want to go to college or work in a well-paying career; there desire is in place, and there are many people concerned about the plight of people in ghettos.
But I haven't seen or heard of violence amongst these students, so that has been absent from what I read in Urban Injustice and Our America.