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One Dead in Stockholm

One person was killed and two others were injured after a suspected failed terrorist attack in Stockholm Saturday.

A car bomb exploded close to a busy shopping mall in Stockholm.

Police are trying to figure out whether the explosives and two other similar threats coincide with each other, CNN reports.

Police received an e-mail warning 10 minutes before the car bomb went off, Reuters reported. The e-mail had sound files in both Swedish and Arabic.

Terrorists experts believe that attack was not done alone.

Woman Died in Shark Mauling

A German women died Sunday after a shark attack in Egypt.

The 70-year-old tourist was mauled to death at a resort.

Last week, four people were injured because of shark attacks, the Guardian reports. The Egypt Chamber of Diving and Watersports sent a message to clear the waters.

Egyptian authories opened the waters back up earlier in the weekend, BBC reports.

People actually believed that the shark was the same shark from the previous attacks.

Ireland Needs Bailout

The Republican of Ireland is requesting for a huge bailout after the economic crisis.

The European Union is giving the country at least 70 million euros in a three-year loan.

The United Kingdom and Sweden have also stated that they would give direct loans to Ireland, BBC reports.

The government is setting up a four-year recovery system to recover the banking industry.

The city of Dublin has stated time and time again that the city does not want a long-term bailout, which would tie down both the city and the country, CNN reports.

Prime Minister Returns

France's President, Nicolas Sarkozy, decided to retain the former prime minister Francois Fillon to the same position.

This is the first move for the president in order to retain his presidency in the upcoming election in 2012.

The approval rate of Sarkozy has hit a record low within the past few month into the 30 percentile range, AFP reports. Since those reports, Sarkozy has changed his political views and promoted new ideals.

This move is the first of many moves that Sarkozy will do in the next few months.

Fillon told the public Sunday that there will be a new phase of reforms, the Guardian reports. The reforms will allow the economy to grow.

Sarkozy will be making more cabinet moves by the end of the weekend.

Volcano Erupts in Indonesia

Mount Merapi has killed at least 100 people since the volcano erupted on Tuesday.

The volcano in Indonesia, which is in the center of the city Java, spewed ash and gas around 5 km.

Over 200,000 people have been displaced from their homes, CNN reports. Each family will be given compensation once the ash settles for the ones lost.

The village that has been hurt the most from the destruction is Bronggang, the Associated Press reports. The danger area for the volcano is 12 miles.

Mount Merapi has erupted twice since the big explosion last week, the BBC reports. The president of Indonesia has visited some of the villages over the weekend.

37 Killed in Church Hostage

At least 37 people were killed Sunday during a Catholic church mass in Baghdad.

A force of Iraqi security stormed the church and started to take members of the church hostage.

Most of the people that were killed, happened when a kidnapper set off a cluster of explosives, CNN reports.

The fingerprints that showed on the evidence found at the crime scene revealed members of al-Queda. The gunmen requested the release of jailed al-Queda members.

One witness stated that the priest of the church was instantly killed, BBC reports. The church was originally surrounded before throwing grenades into the church.

Our Lady of Salvation was scheduled for an evening mass.

Cholrea Strikes Haiti

Over 250 people are dead and at least 3,000 are infected with cholrea in Haiti.

The cholrea outbreak is occurring north of the Haitian capital, the Guardian reports.

At least five of the cases are now reported in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The epidemic started in the capital over a week ago, and it has spread all around the northern slums.

The disease is a serious threat for over a million people that were affected in the January earthquake, BBC reports. The United Nations are now getting involved in the case.

The majority of the cases are being treated instantly, and the amount of the cases are decreasing on a day-to-day basis.

Shooting in Karachi

At least 29 people were killed during the election in Pakistan over the weekend.

It began when gunmen starting shooting in multiple areas of the city, Karachi.

The people were voting for the election to replace recently killed lawmaker, Raza Haider, Reuters reported. Haider was a member for the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.

The home minister of the province where Karachi is located said that at least 60 people have been arrested.

The opposing national party is the Awami National Party, the Guardian said. This party recently stated that it would boycott the election because of possible rigging.

Mine Rescue Imminent

The solution to save the trapped miners in Chile is set in stone after steel tubing became the answer early Saturday.

Tubes are in place around the site where the mine collapsed so workers could be pulled from the mine as early as Wednesday, CNN reports.

The 33 miners have been trapped underground since August 5, 66 days total, BBC reports. All miners were originally pronounced dead until two and a half weeks later when it was revealed that all miners got to the emergency shelter in the mine.

The miners will be raised back to Earth one-by-one by the rescue capsule, named the Phoenix, the New York Times reports.

Each of the miner will have to have a liquid diet and eat vitamins.

The Commonwealth Games Start

The 2010 Commonwealth Games kicked off Sunday in Dubai, India.

The committee chair, Suresh Kalmadi, said in his speech in the opening ceremony that India is and was ready to host the event even with controversy, BBC reports.

The challenges that Dubai had to overcome include health issues among safety and security issues.

Indians have been fighting all along the streets in Dubai last week ,which caused for the athletes to complain about their safety for the event, the Guardian stated. The Commonwealth Games extended its amount of security of the ceremony.

The security stayed on high alert all throughout the early events.

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