March 29, 2009

Two interesting articles

Thanks to Mark for sending these two links:

parkinsons limit:

three degrees of separation affecting health:

March 20, 2009

Optional readings on the social-psychology of health behaviour

Here's a fairly typical study in the field of s-p of health behaviours:

Exploring attitude and belief correlates of adhering to the new guidelines for low-risk single-occasion drinking: an application of the theory of planned behaviour
Vered Murgraff, Mark R. McDermott, and James Walsh
Alcohol Alcohol., Mar 2001; 36: 135 - 140.
Download file

And here's another:
Walsh, James J. and McGrath, Fergus P. (2000) IDENTITY, COPING STYLE, AND HEALTH BEHAVIOUR AMONG FIRST GENERATION IRISH IMMIGRANTS IN ENGLAND.Psychology & Health; Jul2000, Vol. 15 Issue 4
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More on T-Groups

This is an organizational development consulting company's page on T-Groups. Interestingly, they list possible problems associated with them, which coincide rather well with Singer's critique of this type of workplace training....

March 14, 2009

UN Declaration of Human Rights - history

Here's the info about the book I mentioned a couple of classes ago that gives the history of the deveopment of the UN Dec. of Human Rights. A World Made New, by Mary Glendon (2002). Very interesting!

Predictors of Femicide

Here's the link to the page showing the background research that led to the predictors of femicide I showed in class. See the Danger Assessment Instrument link for that document.

March 13, 2009

follow up from class on Aggression

NY Times study on multiple shootings:

The very interesting article, "The theory of everything" about inequality that Hilary brought in:

Readings for Class 19 Mar 19th

Read the last part of Chapter 12, from page 442 to end.

Here's the two readings I posted previously about cults and manipulation in the workplace:

Singer and Lalich (1995)

Tourish (2002) on Transformational Leadership: Download file

March 10, 2009

Optional readings on Aggression

The General Aggression Model: Carnagy and Anderson:

Victim Support Study: Hoodie or Goodie: The link between violent victimisation and offending in young people

March 3, 2009

Optional stuff for prosocial behavior topic

Empathy test:

See earlier entry for article on altruism, compassion and attachment...

Here's an interesting article by Twemlow and Fonagy (this is just one of a series of interesting studies and interventions they've reported on): Download file

New study on evolutionary basis for altruism, cooperation:

February 28, 2009

More resources on Cults and Totalitarianism

Don't forget that you can apply all kinds of elements from social influence, persuasion, obedience, etc., etc. to your analysis.

But here's some additional websites and readings more directly on cults/totalitarianism that might help with the book review:

Lots from Zimbardo - check the downloadable documents link.

Janja Lalich's website: various writings on cults:

Ben Zablocki's site. He has run the only longitudinal study of cults (30 years now). Also has excellent articles on the academic controversy about cultic studies.

Steven Kent has done interesting work, especially in relation to children - but also Scientology, and other things (navigate to different sections from left panel) :

Here's some downloadable documents we'll be reading soon, but are related to cults again (cults in the workplace):

Singer and Lalich (1995) Download file

Tourish (2002) on Transformational Leadership: Download file

Here's some oldies but goodies - classic texts that should be more easily available.

Anything, more or less, by Lifton.

Schein, Edgar H. 1961. Coercive persuasion; a socio-psychological analysis of the "brainwashing" of American civilian prisoners by the Chinese Communists. New York,: W. W. Norton.

Lofland, John. 1977. Doomsday Cult : a study of conversion, proselytization, and maintenance of faith. New York: Irvington Publishers : distributed by Halsted Press.

Fromm, E. 1941. Escape from freedom. New York: Henry Holt.

Festinger, Leon, Henry W. Riecken, and Stanley Schachter. 1956. When prophecy fails. Minneapolis,: University of Minnesota Press.

Not so classic, but interesting:
Deikman, Arthur J. 1990. The wrong way home: Uncovering the patterns of cult behavior in American society. Boston: Beacon Press.

Attachment Compassion and Altruism

Gillath, Shaver and Mikulincer (2005)

Download file

Reading for Class 18 Mar 5th

Chapter 9 BBB textbook

February 12, 2009

Reading for Class 17 Feb 26

Chapter 11, BBB textbook

Baumeister and Leary (1995) The Need to Belong Download file

February 6, 2009

Additional items on Cults and Totalist Systems

Please everyone watch this French news program video on Landmark Education. If you want to watch it full-screen, I think you can download it with RealPlayer:

Seventeen Suggestions for Becoming Less Vulnerable to Influence:
Download file

This is a short Youtube video - I think it's great! I'd like everyone to watch it. How to be a Cult Leader:

Here's the piece I mentioned that I wrote: Mothers in Cults:
Download file

And for those who are into some seriously heavy reading, Hannah Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism (1948) - the third part - is a very dense analysis of Hitler and Stalin's regimes that highlights many of the same structural, ideological and social-psychological issues but also draws on historical, philosophical and political science perspectives.

Materials from Class 15 for those who missed it

We first watched this movie, which you can see online:

I went through this presentation (check the notes for rough outline of the lecture): Download file

And I gave out these handouts:
Warning Signs Download file
8 Criteria for Totalism Download file