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Design Summary Example

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Design Problem(s):
Create a visual composition using the $ symbol to refute the learned meaning of the $ as an indicator of value (especially of economic value)

Possible Design Objectives:
- Create the perception of the inexpensive or an association to a “cheap? object
- Visually minimize the importance of the symbol

By placing a massive ¢ in the lower left corner in direct opposition to the lightweight $ symbol in the upper right corner, the design invites the viewer to question the meaning of the $ as indicator of significant value. The elements maintain a relationship with each other, although the ¢ is obviously dominant and overpowering. The tension created by the size contrast is reinforced by the dynamic composition achieved through the diagonal relationship of the elements as well as the contrast in the weight of the typefaces used.

Bauer Bodoni Bold, 845 point
Gotham Thin, 30 point